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Good morning,

We were able to test your resins and hybrids and Ray was very impressed.  We will be placing and order for more either this week or next once we figure out how much of each grit that we want.  I will contact you shortly.

Hi John,

We received our order on Friday and I just got a chance to unpack it today.  The Scanmaskin diamond sample you sent fits perfectly.  The lavina type plate you sent fits great…but it hangs over the edge approx. 3 mm.  Ray said that it will still work but he wanted to let you know. 


We got everything just fine a couple of weeks ago.  We are actually in the middle of testing them now.  So far, great.  We have used the metal-bond pads and recorded all of our data.  We are now running the resin-bond pads and it looks good.  I have yet to run the red pads but what is the difference between them…is there some reason why people may get better or different results between the beige and red pads, or is it simply as trivial as color-preference?

Okay John, the items we ordered look like they will work well for us.  So, please let me know the best pricing package you can put together for me with shipping included.  I would plan to order the beige AND red resins in a wider variety of grits than we tested.  I would also plan to order them in the 4” size as well as the 5” size.  We also liked the metal-bonds ok and will be ordering some of those as well.  Let me know what we can work on between pricing and shipping terms for a little larger order.  There is no rush on this, so enjoy your weekend and be in touch.  Thanks, Matt.

Thank you John.  Our class went well and your products work great.  We are very happy with them.  We have to get them selling soon and hopefully we can be re-ordering in a few months.  As for the weather here, winter keeps dumping snow on us but Spring is only weeks away.  We are looking forward to seeing some green outside.  I hope all is well with you and your family and we’ll keep in touch.



Trojans from what I can tell look good. As long as the rest of the diamonds do as well. I will be doing a lot if business with you. 

Merry Christmas to you and your family as well. Hope you have a very prosperous New Year as well. The Trojans seem to working just fine. Thank you for all your help and hard work. 


Hi John, Yes the tools turned up today and we are really impressed !! They are exactly what we wanted. I will be putting another order in hopefully tomorrow for some prep tools.

Hi John, I have transferred the money across to your account, it should be there in the next couple of hours. We tried  some of the tools you sent today and they were really good many thanks. 

Hi John, Parcels turned up this morning , really pleased with the tools I will be in touch soon with another order . Many thanks ! Cheers, Jon 

Hi John, Not to worry I know your doing your best just let us know when your sending the order. Still really happy with the results we get with your tooling , tried the Frankfurt 60 grits  yesterday and they were great : ) ! Cheers, Jon 

Hi John, 

Really impressed with the aluminium backing pads and the HTC tools fit beautifully !!

Hi John, Everything you sent works really well, still very impressed with the tooling and your customer service. I will be in touch once we have got through the work we are currently doing.

Hi John, we have used the 100 grit hybrids wet so far not dry , they do work very well ! Cheers

Hi John, Just spoke to a guy from Ireland asking for a reference. I have spoken highly of you and he is going to order some tools from you . Kind regards, Jon 

Hi John, I had a talk with a guy today and have passed on your details. He is involved with prep and is interested in tooling. Kind regards, Jon...

Cheers John. 

I am passing your details onto a big prep company tomorrow. They have lots of HTC machines and some Werkmaster. I have discussed your tooling with them and have said how happy with you we are in regards to quality and delivery. They are also interested in the 3" brazed tools.

I will let them have your e-mail address so they can contact you directly, please send them your tooling list and prices. I have explained to them your payment method. 

Hi John, We have nearly broken up for our Christmas break and will be returning to work in middle of January. 

All going well here hope all is well with you, have a good break as well.

By the way those 3" brazed diamonds work great !!

Hi John,   The STI 2 pin tool holders are great! Perfect.

Once we get through the work we have at the moment i will be in touch.

Kind regards,Jon..


Thanks for checking in.  They did work well.  We have been slow for the past month, I will be ordering some resins in February for sure.


Thanks John. The ceramic pads were excellent. We were very happy with them.

I will be in touch on Friday as I would like to place another larger order for ceramics, along with some of your other products.


Hi John,

Yes, your products are excellent again.

I will be in touch in the next few weeks to place another order.



Hi John,

Hope your well.

I am very happy with your diamond tools - thank you.

I am now interested in cup wheels - if you have any to suit the Hilti DG150 (6 inch) hand grinder?



good morning ,3'' plug worked very good.  

need 30 #6 grit    like last order  for hard concrete


Yes diamonds are great!  Will be ordering more.



Hi john,

The 200g resin polishing pads seemed to work quite well.

i  haven't tried the 5" hand polishing pads yet.


John, we are testing the diamonds...they appear to be working the same as the OEM which is good...we are trying to improve our speed of removal and determine which configuration/bond/grit would be best. Any ideas?


Hello Mr.Lee

I did test the dimonds. I was very pleased with the result. I will contact you later.

Thank you.


Yes so far everything we have tried is working well. 

The adaptors are not going to work right now with the diamonds I have but in the future they should.

The resins look good, much better than the ones I recieved from another company.

No. 14 

About redi lock resin holder

Good morning.

Have you tried the new resin holders ?

Waiting your reply

Sorry John, been busy with a bunch of stuff.

Yes, they sit to outer of the plate nicely. Reducing the height of the flange is just right for the pads.

Happy with the changes J

No. 15

Hi John

We did 14000 sqft area with 4 coats of epoxy. Your diamonds cut right through and still look new.

Thanks my friend.  



I love your diamonds they last a long time and are great quality. Thanks Randy 


you have these exact ones? The propane models take the blue ones.... I guess the base spins the opposite direction as their electric grinders. 

If you have these I am in need of them!!

Do you have anything you feel is better that works on the lavina PROPANE POWERED for thick coatings? Remember the base spins opposite of electric. 

I've been doing a job in a factory they been painting the floor for years. I did an area with your 6 grits but it took about 10 passes with extra weight added to the grinder to get off the epoxy. But still very impressed with your diamonds. No complaints here.

by the way your lavina pcd did better that super abrasives no bar pcd. finally tried yesterday and with no tooth lose.

Been using Johns Diamond tooling for about 1 year. PCDs to 120 metals. Very wise purchase. Good Job John.


Do Not Buy UnLeSS- You want to save Costs on Your Diamonds, And Diamonds Seem to Last way Longer. 

I ONLY buy my metals from John. Single bar, double buttons and No Barred PCDS. 

GET THIS —> Supper abrasives PCD’s when I used theirs, they would break teeth even on small job, Johns... I have bought 42 No Barred PCDs and done about four good sized epoxy removal jobs and still have all their teeth. I run two 30’’ propane powered  lavinas and one 20’’ electric lavina.

Caution- You will be very happy.  

Cons are and not bad if you know in advance. I alway order about 6 to 8 weeks before needing because it will usually take a month to get your diamonds. John does ask if the order needs a rush on it but I have never needed that service, He maybe able to get to you sooner.

Thanks for asking



About diamond brushes

Hi John,

             The brushes are fine thanks. We will be working away now and then going on our holidays so we probably won't order until the 1st week in September. 



Yes mr. John they are working fine.

Will be good for a few months unless a big job comes in


Hi John,

The diamonds are working well, I will need to evaluate the other grits of your 8 pie high quality diamonds before committing totally but from what I have seen I don’t believe there will be a problem.

I have informed a number of other grinding companies and they are also happy to use your diamonds on my recommendation.

I would like to, in the near future discuss the opportunity to distribute your diamonds in Australia and trading terms. Let me know you thoughts.


Hi John,

Yes, we like the diamonds. I don't use them often, so they last me a long time.


Haven't tried pcd's   Resins r great. Thanks


Hi John,

yes last week the goods have arrived, we have also already tried the first tools TOP!, we are in the first week of December all the tools then try on a slightly larger area times, and when everything was great! is with the tools where I'm going times of. Then we will build an additional distribution channel so that in the coming year, and we ourselves will then only work with this tool.

Then I would say: a good cooperation in the future!



Hi John,

Diamonds worked good, the soft bond was too soft though, used half the segment on 100m2 .I have not used super soft yet. Polishing pads worked good.



Hello John, thank you so much.  The diamonds got here and are working great.  Thanks to you and your company.  Best Wishes for the holidays and a very Happy New Year. 



We used the 800grit 3'' dry/wet resin pads on Saturday and I was impressed they performed extremely well.

I look forward to trying more products. It looks like they will arrive thursday.


The PCD and diamond portion of the plates work very well and we are very 

satisfied with the quality, thanks Dan


Hi John,

We are going alright, market still a bit slow here.

How's things going for you?

Diamonds still going mate have done a couple of jobs with them, very happy with price and quality


Hi John, nice to here from you ,we used your pads on a concrete polishing job last week and they worked very well, and will probably do another 2 jobs.Will let you know when i need some more.

Thank you for the prompt delivery.

Regards,  Kevin.



hello, all is very good with the diamond resind metals and cup disks. 

We have been busy doing polishing and are preparing to market your products.  

We are away until the end of March. When I get back I will be in contact. 



Good morning John

We have tested de diamonds yet and there are very good! We contanct you, when we need again.

Have a nice time!

Greats from switzerland!




Hey John,

The truth is that we are happy with your diamonds.

We'll be in touch, because when you do need more order.

Thank prices because next time, ask different grains.


Hello John,

thank you for your email. 

We used one diamond disc and it worked good. Still have to try other attachments. 

We also hope to work more with your tools. 


Hello John, I tried one of the vacuum brazed grinding pads and it did the job well.  I am hopeful that the thinner pads will hold out as well as the thicker pads but I actually find the thinner pads easier to work with.


Hi John all is well with the hand pads they work fine. Cheers Karl 


Hi John,

Yes the redilock metals worked good.

I am in the process of putting another order through.

Best Regards



They have been working well

We will order more 


Paul Jury / Director


They are doing good for prep. Have not polished yet.

Thanks for asking



Hi John.   The Lavina velcro holders are working very well thank you 

Steve Clark


Kiss Gergely: 

Hi John,

we have tested the samples, they are very good quality, thank you

I will write you when I need new diamonds


Hi John, thankyou for that.

The shipment arrived and we have started to try the diamonds. We are very happy. I will be ordering more very soon.



Hello John,
Yes I'm very happy with Diamond tools.  They are very good quality and work very well.
What's the best price on 15 pcd cup wheel 7in 6 seg? I believe that's what it is?  
   We are using the diamonds I bought from you on a job now. So far they cut really good and there is plenty of diamonds in the metal.
I will give this info to a great friend of mine as we wear this set of tooling out,
He is a huge contractor compared to me, I am a small company.
He had previously bought a set directly from China before me, not sure of the company though. He did not like the ones he bought. He said they cut great at 1st but soon as they wore down into the metal there was no diamonds left in the metal. So they were worthless at that point. If yours continue to perform as they are now I’ll do my best to get him to purchase from you also.
   Merry Christmas. Jesse
How do y’all celebrate Christmas in China? Or do you?

Hi John,

So far the diamonds are working great.  Question for you....do you carry any type of edge grinder?  Or even a regular walk behind grinder?

We run a couple machines but I'm always interested in what else is out there.



Hi John, yup diamonds made it safe and sound! Been putting them to work, working good so far! 

Thanks friend for me I am very satisfied with your products
With resin I'm super happy and with metal # 100
Regarding your question if I only used these products but if you have other products send me information maybe we can negotiate

Hi John 
Your diamonds worked well! I am stocked fairly well with tooling at this time, but I will be ordering more in the future. Depending on how much work I acquire!

dear John, thank you, all well received and working perfectly, we'll order more in the future. at the moment I am in Canada and will be back next week. best regards, Guido

Hi John

Sorry for the late response
Recently we've been busy with epoxy applications 
Yes, the hybrid diamonds works well, especially on wet ( which are designed to) 
We still like ceramic resins /hybrid, or whatever you guys/manufacturing call it.
They last much longer, especially when we use it to open the top/cream surface.

For now we are ok with yours, but in the future, un case you're planning to make some ceramics, please let me know, to try it also.


Hi John,
Very happy with the diamonds.
Will put in and order when we are running out.

Hello the ceramic pads and cup wheels diamonds are good I would soon order from them again Best regards Daniel Fellner

Ok thanks John!  I can't wait this time.  But I like very much RFP37 
50grit . I Just cleaned some 1700m2 whis it. And it worked so well!! 
Even if it steel fibres  was in the hard concrete.  I used it wet. So 
, I like very much your products.  I make some biger order later..

Ok, thank you. Yes, we should try your 6 grit.
Can you please create an invoice for
- 6 grit metal (medium bond)
- 18 grit metal (medium bond)
- 60 grit metal (as before)
- 100 grit hybrid (as before)
- 400 grit hybrid (as before)
- 800 grit hybrid 

If you could ship these by Friday of this week or Monday of next week, I would really appreciate it

By the way, thank you for the velcro plates! They work extremely well and we like them a lot!

Best regards


No.53 feedback from whatsapp
Guido: Hi Dear, I passed your message to Andrea, he's taking care of that matter but since things are changing all the time it will take a few days more.
Guido: Don't worry, it's only that new project are coming up and we need to figure out the tools we need also for our subcontractors to be sure they follow our procedures

Guido: By the way your tools did an excellent job...

Hi John,

Thanks for checking in. 
I have used most of the diamonds so far, and have been very pleased with the results... 

I do look forward to placing more orders when needed. 


Yes we have John and they seem to work great. No complaints. I will recommend your product to others and will be ordering more in the future. 


They are working great! I think I should of gotten some more aggressive grit cutters....maybe 16 grit. What designs do you have in that?
Thanks, Damon

Steve enjoying the tooling- very good!
thank you
we will be ordering again!

Hey John,  We loved the diamonds you sent and would like to get some more, if I double my order from last time can I save some money? Also can you send me some info on pads for polishing concrete, we have a job coming up and Im not really sure what we need to do it
Dear John,

Thank you your emails! 

We use your tools, and they are working very well.
We do not know when we will order again.
I will write for you, it is sure! but I don’t know when! 


Dear John Lee,

thank you for contacting

I am very satisfied with the 3 step diamond.

We will place an order if stock is insufficient.


Hi John

The segment RFP-45 Worked very good on the concrete . I need another set ASAP and in addition  I ned

Cup  wheels  CW 05  125mm turbo  Grit 80# and 200#

We are setting up a new company here in the beginning of December, and that may result in more business for you.

I am 78 years today and will transfer  my company to my sons that will take it further. I will stay as consultant.

Best regards  Christian.

Good morning John.
The truth is I have been telling you that we received everything ok, but everything is excellent.
Query: is it possible that in our next purchase, our printed logo fence?
The new product for us is the RD-02 Lavina Velcro, it has facilitated us and saved time in our work.
In general, everything is fine

We have gone thru a set of #6 hard that we order from you and we are very happy with the way they preformed


Hi John,
Thank you for asking. I still haven't used the diamond blades, but I will test them as soon as I can and will let you know! I will also notify you when I place another order, whether it's the same blades or the other ones.
The last order I made arrived in Mexico without any problems. Once again, thank you.
-José Ernesto

Hi John
I find the 120 metals to be very aggressive. 
What pad would you suggest using after the 10s 120 medium grit metal?
I haven’t been able to test the ceramic pads out yet. 
Resins are good. 




Can you please arrange a price list of all your products.

I have been happy with the products I get from John and maybe interested in the polishing pads for the grinding machines




Hey susan, were doing great! How about yourself?  The last shipment you sent is lasting good, we will need more in the near future, ill be sure to order from you again, thanks for the price list 

Love the diamonds I will be in touch. 




You did a great job!  If I bought these 1000 pieces at a time what would my cost be?


Stephen was most impressed especially with your soft bonds!
They are amazing.
Thank you

Hello John, yes I have sold my company to Erik, I set it up so he buys diamonds from you.  You have treated me well over all these years.  

I along with my wife and twin boys who are 3 years old are moving to South Florida a city called Boca Raton.  I am starting up a new epoxy business there.  This business will not be up and running until maybe April, 2019.  I will continue to order diamonds from you.  Not sure what type yet, but I will keep in touch.

Thank you


Hi John.
Thanks How are you doing?
We still have our diamonds going strong and they are lasting well.
We were wondering if you can sell diamond powders that are tough(non brittle) for adding to our coatings. 
WE want our coatings to be indestructible when we a pply them to the floor after we grind the concrete with your diamond tools.
looking for 50-100k carats at around 60-100 mesh. 
Let me know what do you think you can provide?
Thanks Brad.

Hi John
Can I order 54x MG 52ca 16 grit soft bond - same as my last order - these worked very well!!
Also 5x CW10 22.23 soft bond 6 grit 7 segs - same as last order also

Hi John,
They worked very well.  They removed the thick coating we haven’t been able to remove with the regular 10 seg diamonds. 
I’ll be ordering more diamonds soon.
Thank you.

Hello John,

Thank you for the note, I have started to organize my new business and hope to be running by July.  I still need to purchase some machines and will get with you for the diamonds.  You are my partner.  Be well and I will touch base with you soon.

Thank you,

Thank you John

I was always happy with your products, i am just been working on another direction.


Hi John,
How are you?
We got the tools, thank you!
My colleague try the Fenixs, its work well, so I send a new order to fill up our stock.
Have a nice summer!

Hi John

I appreciate your dedication to keeping in touch with me.

We are still using the diamonds from the last order, and they are working very well.

I will contact you when we need to order more

Thanks Brad.


Hi John,

Yes we used your tooling and it worked well. Right now we are very slow with our grinding jobs.




Hello John, thank you for touching base, I appreciate your followup with me.  Things are going slow, I have been in business for 2 months and hve only done 6 jobs. I think it will take me some time to ramp up and get things going like I did in Arizona.  You have earned my trust and I will only order my diamond products from you.  Thanks for thinking of me, have a great day and talk to you soon.



Good morning John,

I would like to thank Super Concrete Tools for supplying the most excellent Bush Hammer tools.

We would like to wish you and your Team a very Merry Xmas from New Zealand.

Kind regards,




Hi John, 

Thanks for your email. Yes, the diamonds are working well.  Do you also sell 7 inch cups for angle grinders?  We use these as well so I would be interested. 





Hi John,


I will make the web with the most common tools as the list you send to me earlier.


In stock I will have at first only 16# rhombus for different maskin and of course different HTC tools mostly for Peter


In my web I going to tell smal story from Peter finding you and other smal talkJ

What can I tell about your company is there some interesting detalj such as amount of tools you make or how long time you have produce this product. I allredy read your story at web.


Do you have som other company behaind or are you like family company....


My logo as enclousure


Best Regards




Hi we are very happy with the diamonds we have tested them now and I’m wondering if you could set up a price for a complete set from roof concrete to Super floor finish  




To be continued......