Concrete floor construction(The difference between slimsy grinding and coarse grinding)

AUTHOR : Susan Date : 3/24/2017 5:20:27 AM
Concrete floor constructionThe difference between slimsy grinding and coarse grinding

    The following general process is that we learned, the more professional construction problems still need to consult an expert in the concrete  floor construction

Using range:

1.Suitable for various concrete floor after coarse grinding

2. Need to keep protoplasmic effect of various concrete floor and wear resistant concrete floor.

Construction way:

1.    After coarse grinding,according to the situation of the concrete floor choose150#or 300# grinding begins,together with the middle or large grinding machine.

2.    Good and new concrete floor can keep the effect of the uniform surface after grinding, the light grinding machine grinding begin with 150 #,the middle or large machine begin with 300#.

      All thick and thin polishing pads can use for this grinding process.we suggested that the light machine use thin polishing pads,and the middle and large machine use thick polishing pads.

      According to the condition of construction choose wet polishing or dry polishing,dry polishing to 500# later,the concrete floor will have some light,the grinding effect will be slowly,at the same time the polishing pads become heat is obvious.Please pay attention to speed up the machine movement speed to avoid high temperature make the floor   leave some vestiges ;wet polishing need wet polishing pads,and can choose grinding more than1500#,because wet polishing make the concrete floor more fine and smooth.

Susan Zeng