Polished concrete floor

AUTHOR : JOHN LEE Date : 6/1/2017 9:47:17 PM
 Concrete polishing first applied on commercial flooring, due to the advantage of less cost on the materials, concrete polishing is becoming more and more popular on residential flooring. concrete polishing can achieve a high-gloss finishes shine. never need to be waxed or have coatings applied. The polishing process is similar to sanding wood. Heavy-duty floor grind and polish machines are used to grind down the the concrete surface to the smoothness and shine desired.

Almost any structurally sound concrete floor can be polished.

  • Before polishing new concrete, you must wait until the concrete has cured tosufficient hardness (generally 14 to 28 days after placement).
  • Existing floors that need extensive patching or are extremely soft and porous may not be good candidates for polishing.
  • For badly spalled surfaces, you may need to remove the surface layer of concrete using a scarifier.