HTC Polished Concrete

AUTHOR : Date : 1/10/2014 8:15:53 AM
 Polished concrete properties :
   - The finished concrete surface is completely polished , so dust-free ,
   - Before the polishing stage, oil - and water-repellent impregnation on request,
   - Very nice, shiny concrete terrazzo -like appearance ,
   - Due to the dust-free sanding technology can be made (no production losses due to downtime ) even during operation ,
   - Immediately after its completion usage,
   - The machines are not noisy during working and non- duster
   - Environmentally-friendly technology
   - There is no warranty issue , no replacing parts .
   - Defects in concrete, expansion joints can be repaired as required.
Four kinds of feasibility, which helps determine the optical properties of the surface selection.
The HTC SuperPrep PLATINUM grinding phases created as a result of the exceptionally solid and durable flooring. The reflective surface in this case, the brightest , which does not leave a mark on the wheels of vehicles . It's generally recommended finishes and where the concrete texture is fully displayed .
The HTC SuperPrep GOLD applying will be removed from the concrete surface layer is less than that of Platinum and will not be reflected in the final surface . The lower surface is not removing the concrete surface , ideal for smooth and flat floors . The shiny surface is proposed to create a post- polishing of the floor .
Version of the HTC SuperPrep SILVER PLATINUM finish without polishing. In this case, the texture of the concrete surface will be , but does not include sparkle establishing polishing stages . Therefore, the surface is matte and anti-glare .
The HTC SuperPrep BRONZE method has the least number of grinding and polishing phase , in which the surface hardening layer is not removed , so the concrete will not be revealed . In addition to the resulting reflective surface wear layer properties are preserved.