Polishing Concrete

AUTHOR : Date : 2/20/2014 10:57:11 PM
 polishing concrete
Polished concrete implementation of the system SUPERCONCRET ® is one of the most interesting ones way of adjusting the concrete surface.
Revolutionary technology renovation and finishing concrete floors , which makes the new and old concrete floors too representational and attractive surfaces with high durability. Polished concrete floors are 8 - 10 times stronger . All this without asphalt screeds and without dangerous solvents.
The SUPERBETON ® is often inflected as a "floor system of the future ." The SUPERBETON , created and developed by the Italian company KLINDEX , changes in standard concrete floor of a beautiful , shiny and easy to clean surface. SUPERBETON the surface of the future. It's lightweight , quick grinding and polishing concrete surfaces without the use of wax. Factories and businesses around the world use this system in commercial , industrial and residential buildings.
before polishing concrete
polished concrete
Characteristics and traits SUPERBETONU :
- Looks like marble or terrazzo
- 8x is more resistant to damage and wear
- No smearing trolley conveyors
- A flat, smooth surface
- Hygienic
- It is easy to clean
- Cheaper as traditional floor
Its durability and easy way of preparing a suitable surface polished concrete warehouses, shops , supermarkets , restaurants , garages , houses, wine shops and wherever it is needed durable , clean and beautiful surface . There is no comparison with with different surfaces when considering the life of a polished concrete floor. Polished concrete improves the durability of old concrete surfaces against abrasion and impact. This system removes the upper part of the old concrete is environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly . Concrete can "breathe" , creates no bacteria , molds or fungi . Its price 12 to 25 , - € / m2 concrete polishing is one of the cheapest ways to customize the concrete surface