Process Of Use Diamond Tools to Grind and Polish Concrete

AUTHOR : SUPER CONCRETE TOOLS LTD Date : 12/17/2014 5:13:09 PM
Using coarse grits like 6 grit or 16 grits to remove existing coatings, also can use PCD toolings 
Seal cracks and joints with an epoxy or other semi-rigid filler.
Grind with a 30 grit metal matrix diamond.
Grind with a 70 grit metal-bonded diamond.
Grind with a 100 grit metal-bonded diamond (or finer, if desired).
Apply a chemical hardener to densify the concrete.
Polish with a 100- or 200-grit resin-bond diamond, or a combination of the two.
Polish with a 400-grit resin-bond diamond.
Polish with an 800-grit resin-bond diamond.
Finish with a 1500- or 3000-grit resin-bond diamond (depending on the desired sheen level).
Optional: Apply a stain guard to help protect the polished concrete flooring surface and make it easier to maintain.

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