Wet or dry polishing

AUTHOR : John Lee Date : 1/26/2014 1:59:47 AM
 For remodeling, we include a dry polishing process for a clean worksite at all times and no special disposal requirements for the waste generated from concrete slurry. For new construction, we include a wet polishing process which increases production and reduces cost to the customer.
Our dry polish process grinds the concrete to level and expose the desired aggregate. The aggregate choice could demand grinding up to ? of the concrete surface. We then apply the densifyers and sealer, and polish the surface until the desired sheen or gloss is reached.
For our wet polish process, we use waste recycling units to separate the concrete slurry from the wastewater which can be disposed of in the same manner as our dry polish. Wet polish extends the life of diamond tooling but creates slurry to be recaptured and disposed, which slows application productivity.
The dry polish system collects 98% of airborne particulates through HEPA filtration vacuuming, eliminates downtime and reduces flooring system installation time. It is a preferred polishing method as it does not create slurry, and can be performed with no production down time, increasing application productivity.