how to do a polished concrete floor

AUTHOR : JOHN LEE Date : 12/11/2014 7:23:42 PM
 Surface Preparation: The first step involves the removal of any current floor coatings (epoxy, mastic, glues, paint, thin set, etc.) a Heavy grit diamond or coating removal diamond is used. we offer 6# and 16# coarse grit metal bond diamonds, also offer PCD diamond toolings to do the job
After removal dirty things from the floor surface, next step is concrete surface grinding
Metal Cuts: Metal Bond concrete grinding tools are diamonds that are held in metal matrix. These coarse cutting tools help us to grind the slab to a smooth surface. Most often, three or more cuts, with increasingly finer diamonds, may be necessary to reach desired effect. 
Densifying: A Densifier is applied to the concrete. This hardens the concrete, increasing its compression strength and abrasion resistance.
 Polishing: diamond resin polishing pads are diamond in a plastic type resin matrix. These we use to hone or polish the surface of the concrete, bringing it to the desired gloss level. This can require anywhere from two to five passes with increasingly finer grits, depending on the desired level of gloss.
Sometimes if need to acheive a better shine, will need cleaning buffer pads,cleaning buffing pads,floor cleaning pads, attached on concrete floor cleaning machines , to cleaning to floor to the best result