Concrete grinding and polishing

AUTHOR : John Lee Date : 7/12/2015 10:29:16 AM
 1、Old concrete floor renovation
2、Use metal bond diamond toolings to grind after epoxy coating removaled by PCD toolings
3、Uneven new and old floor concrete floor resurfacing
4、All kinds of polished concrete floor, sanded floor,dry hardener floor need to grind for exposed sand
5、All kinds of Terrazzo or floors need to be polished to Terrazzo floor 
1、Removing old floor loose surface layer: use metal bond diamond polishing pads can remove old floor surface layer. recommend metal pads equipped with medium and heavy duty floor grinders and polishers 
2、Poor flatness floor surface treatment: first preliminary leveling diamond grinding, then coarsely grinding thick concrete screed, then select the appropriate grinding thick or thin concrete grinding polishing process 
3、Wide square concrete repair treatment: use metal grinding pads before hardeners are applied and use thick resin pads for coarse polishing after hardener is applied
4、Good flatness old concrete floor surface treatment: according the hardness of concrete floor, choose suitable grit concrete thick resin polishing pads for  polishing, for advantage of final polishing
We offer metal bond diamond toolings grit from 6# to 400#, with hard ,medium ,soft bond.   resin pads have 3'' and 4'' ,10mm thickness resin pads. also have hand held polishing pads 3'' 4'' 5'' 7'' used on hand polishers