4 Inch Concrete Floor Polishing Pads

4 Inch Concrete Floor Polishing Pads
Product name : 4 Inch Concrete Floor Polishing Pads
Item : MG-81
Details :
  We offers a wide range of high quality beveled and segmented grinding pads. 
Use the segmented pucks for aggressive grinding and the bevels for the first steps in the polishing process.
Grit: 16#-400# available.
Other segment shape and quantity and lock systems are available upon your design.
Bond: soft, medium, and hard bonds.
Soft Bond (Blue) – The metallic powder in the sintered segment wears away quickly releasing dull diamond crystals exposing new abrasive crystals to cut efficiently. Best used on hard surfaces.
Medium Bond (Red) – A metal bond strength right between that of soft and hard bonds.
Hard Bond (Black) – The bond of the metallic powder in the segment wears away slowly and prevents premature wear against soft, abrasive surfaces.
Size:3'' and 4''
Three thread hole(M6)
Velcro backing
Used for marble and granite grinding and polishing tools

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