7 Inch Dry Concrete Floor Polishing Pad

7 Inch Dry Concrete Floor Polishing Pad
Product name : 7 Inch Dry Concrete Floor Polishing Pad
Item : WP-10
Details :
  Efficient and durable diamond polishing pads

The 180mm diamond polishing pads using high quality diamond powder and resin bond materials, superb technology and advanced production process produced, is mainly used for grinding and polishing process of various kinds of concrete and stone

According to the guests
 needs and habits flexible collocation in various hand mill,floor refurbished machines, ceramic polishing machine, angle grinder, horizontalgrinding machine etc.. Coarse to fine polishing sequence number, and finally obtain the ideal polishing, surface effect.

The characteristics and advantages of our:

1 disc protrusion uniform, sharp and durable, stable quality, long service life, high work efficiency, good surface glazing, environmental protection non-toxic does not fade; widely used in concrete processing, floor, ceramic tile production processingindustry.

2 chip mill has flexibility complete specification of the granularity color and good,handy in the granite, marble, artificial stone and other lines, chamfer, the arc plateand the special-shaped stone processing, there are a variety of shapes, various sizespecifications optional, easy to distinguish, can according to the needs and habitsflexible collocation of various hand mill, floor renovation machine ceramic polishing machine, use.

3 another high quality diamond dry grinding can be done efficiently on the stone,glass, ceramics and other materials of the polishing and grinding without water cooling grinding conditions etc.. Sharp grinding, good heat resistance, the premisedoes not change in color of the stone itself, with glazing fast, good brightness anddoes not fade and so on, won the majority of users recognized.

process water should not be too much

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