Diamond Arrow Seg Cup Wheel For Concrete

Diamond Arrow Seg Cup Wheel For Concrete
Product name : Diamond Arrow Seg Cup Wheel For Concrete
Item : CW-04
Details :
   Arrow segment cup wheels are designed to provide the operator with fast production rates and long life.

The segment is slanted at an angle away from the core of the cup wheel.

This allows the segment to scrape and grind at the same time.

A 10 mm high diamond segment will provide long life.

Connector: 16mm, 20mm, 22.23mm, M14 or 5/8-11"

Size: 4'', 5'', 7''

Other segment shape and quantity and lock systems are available upon your design.

Choosing Bonds

Choosing between soft, medium, and hard bonds.

Soft Bond (Blue) – The metallic powder in the sintered segment wears away quickly releasing dull diamond crystals exposing new abrasive crystals to cut efficiently. Best used on hard surfaces.

Medium Bond (Red) – A metal bond strength right between that of soft and hard bonds.

Hard Bond (Black) – The bond of the metallic powder in the segment wears away slowly and prevents premature wear against soft, abrasive surfaces.

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