Diamond Frankfurt Metal Blocks

Diamond Frankfurt Metal Blocks
Product name : Diamond Frankfurt Metal Blocks
Item : MF-02
Details :
 Frankfurt diamond grinding block

For concrete floor renovation grinding, can also be used for granite, marble, quartz stone, terrazzo stone thicknessing, leveling, coarse grinding, polishing before basedprocessing, remove the surface hard epoxy, acetylene and other attachments. The use of knife head design is higher than the general technology, longer service life.Circular strip diamond uniform distribution of grinding block makes the grindingprocess has the advantages of high efficiency, strong grinding force, is not easy tocollapse edge, the advantages of long service life, suitable for all kinds of large-scale imports of grinding machines, refurbished machines use, continuous polishing line.

The characteristics and advantages of our:

1 heat resistance and high compression resistance, long service life;

2 types of the cutter head is especially suitable for fast grinding machine finishing of concrete surface;

3 the use of convenient, fast, grinding speed, stable quality, high work efficiency;


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