Quick Change PCD Trapezoid Grinding Pads

Quick Change PCD Trapezoid Grinding Pads
Product name : Quick Change PCD Trapezoid Grinding Pads
Item : MG-42D
Details :
    This multipurpose tool is used to remove numerous coatings and overlays on uneven surfaces.
This is a great tool for bump grinding or general surface preparation. 
The position of the segments allows the tool to ride up and over sharp surface irregularities. 
This is a great series to begin with aggregate exposure and heavy stock removal. 
Round Series Trapezoids are an excellent choice to follow this tool.
Soft Bond (Blue) – The metallic powder in the sintered segment wears away quickly releasing dull diamond crystals exposing new abrasive crystals to cut efficiently. Best used on hard surfaces.
Medium Bond: A metal bond strength right between that of soft and hard bonds.
Hard Bond – The bond of the metallic powder in the segment wears away slowly and prevents premature wear against soft, abrasive surfaces.
Quick Change System for floor grinder plate

Quick Change Lavina PCD Trapezoid wise Segment Polishing Pads clock

PCD Tool for Coating Removal 

QuickChange Aggressive PCD Segment Coating Removal Tool
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