Two Squares Concrete Grinding Shoes

Two Squares Concrete Grinding Shoes
Product name : Two Squares Concrete Grinding Shoes
Item : MG-41C
Details :
   These are the largest and most productive round series tools on the market.

This tool is designed to rapidly remove light coatings, paints, adhesives and quickly remove lower grit scratches.

Optimum performance on concrete hardness of 2-6 on the Mohs Hardness Scale.

This is a very easy tool to recover from and will not leave any deep segment scratches. Very good life.

Bond: soft, medium, and hard bonds.

Soft Bond (Blue) – The metallic powder in the sintered segment wears away quickly releasing dull diamond crystals exposing new abrasive crystals to cut efficiently. Best used on hard surfaces.

Medium Bond (Red) – A metal bond strength right between that of soft and hard bonds.

Hard Bond (Black) – The bond of the metallic powder in the segment wears away slowly and prevents premature wear against soft, abrasive surfaces.



2 smooth holes

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